I am a single parent that will be out of country for two months. How do I grant my parents full custody until I return?


I am a single parent and I have to go out of town for several months and will be unable to take care of my child.  I would like my children to stay with my parents.  What could I do so that my parents are legally able to make all decisions for my child in my absence?




If you are a single parent who will be entrusting your child in the custody of another adult, you could formally set up a temporary legal guardianship that would allow the adult to make decisions on your behalf.  However, there are several things you must take into consideration before you decide to enter into a temporary legal guardianship.  First and foremost, research the laws of your state regarding procedures needed to establish temporary legal guardianships as there is usually a mechanism by which you give temporary custody of your child to another adult.  Also, if your child’s other parent shares custody with you, this is not an option that you should consider as the other parent will have custody of your child while you are away.  I also suggest that you speak with a family attorney who can assess whether you are eligible to establish a temporary legal guardianship.  For more general information on formally establishing a temporary legal guardianship, visit the National Guardianship Association website at http://www.guardianship.org/.

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