Sole Child Custody

Sole custody of a child describes the right of a parent to retain exclusive legal and physical custody rights over a child. Sole child custody arrangements are rare, and are usually limited to situations in which one parent has been deemed unfit or incapable of having any form of responsibility over a child.

Reasons why a parent may be deemed as unfit include, but are not limited to:

  • drug abuse
  • alcohol abuse
  • child abuse
  • history of violence
  • mental instability
  • placing the child in dangerous situations

In the course of family court proceedings, a judge will always pursue the best interest of the child following the end of a relationship or marriage. Frequently, courts tend to offer joint custody in the event that both parents are deemed acceptable as parents for the child, however, this is not always the case and sole custody rights may be granted one parent. The objective is to allow both parents to develop a bond with their child, even in the absence of a marital bond between the parents.

Keep in mind that parents are strongly cautioned against petitioning the court for sole child custody rights based on vindictive feelings towards the other parent. The court system does not look favorably upon parties that attempt to utilize child custody arrangements as a means of retaliation.

If you would like more information on sole child custody, contact a child custody lawyer with expertise in sole child custody in your area today!

When determining child custody, the best interests of the children should always be considered. Children need both parents involved in their lives. A child should never be taken away from a parent unless there are reasons to believe that your child's life is in danger.

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